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exquisite adj
1 intense or sharp; "suffered exquisite pain"; "felt exquisite pleasure" [syn: keen]
2 lavishly elegant and refined [syn: recherche]
3 of delicate composition and artistry; "a dainty teacup"; "an exquisite cameo" [syn: dainty]
4 of extreme beauty; "her exquisite face"

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  1. Especially fine or pleasing; exceptional.
    They sell good coffee and pastries, but their chocolate is exquisite.


especially fine

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Beau Brummel, accurate, acute, aesthetic, aesthetically appealing, agreeable, ambrosial, appealing, attentive, attractive, beauteous, beautiful, bewitching, blood, braw, buck, captivating, charming, chic, classy, close, clothes-conscious, conscientious, consummate, correct, cosmopolitan, coxcomb, critical, dainty, dandy, dapper, dashing, delectable, delicat, delicate, delicious, delightful, demanding, detailed, divine, dressed to advantage, dressed to kill, dude, elegant, enchanting, endowed with beauty, engaging, enravishing, enthralling, entrancing, errorless, euphemistic, euphuistic, exact, exacting, excruciating, exigent, extreme, eye-filling, fascinating, faultless, fetching, fine, finical, finicking, finicky, finished, flawless, flowerlike, fop, formalistic, fussy, genteel, gilt-edged, glorious, golden, good, good to eat, good-tasting, goody good-good, goody-goody, graceful, gracile, gustable, gusty, handsome, heart-robbing, heavenly, heavy, immaculate, immense, impeccable, intense, intriguing, inviting, irreproachable, irresistible, jaunty, juicy, keen, likable, lounge lizard, lovely, luscious, lush, luxurious, macaroni, magnificent, marvelous, meticulous, mincing, minute, namby-pamby, narrow, natty, neat, nectareous, nectarous, nice, nifty, nobby, of gourmet quality, overnice, overprecise, overrefined, palatable, particular, pedantic, pleasing, poignant, posh, precieuse, precious, precise, precisian, precisianistic, precisionistic, prepossessing, pretty, pulchritudinous, punctilious, punctual, puristic, rare, ravishing, recherche, refined, religious, rigid, rigorous, ritzy, sapid, savorous, savory, scrumptious, scrupulous, scrutinizing, select, sensational, sensuous, sharp, simpering, sleek, smart, smug, snazzy, soigne, soignee, sophisticated, spiffy, splendid, splendiferous, spruce, sterling, strict, style-conscious, subtle, succulent, super, superb, supereminent, superexcellent, superfine, superior, superlative, swank, swanky, swell, taking, tantalizing, tasty, tempting, terrific, thrilling, titillative, toothsome, transcending, tremendous, tricksy, trig, trim, vivid, voluptuous, well-dressed, well-groomed, winning, winsome, witching, wonderful, yummy
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